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Wildlife in Pickworth

The area supports a rich diversity of wildlife, and it still holds in abundance a great variety of  plants and animals that have disappeared from some other areas.  At any time of year, one can be sure of seeing something of interest in the varied habitats of the parish  -  woodland, farmland, the wide grass roadside verges, the still abundant ponds, and the buildings and gardens of the village itself. 

Change is constantly taking place, in both the short term of the seasons, but also as farming practices affect the landscape, and as the former farmyards and stackyards of the village give place to flower and lawn gardens, offering different habitats to plants and animals.

Our landscape and wildlife is as much a part of our heritage as our old buildings and other features, and as such they deserve our care and attention.

A detailed account of local wildlife and issues of conservation can be found in our book, Pickworth: a South Lincolnshire Village.

The photographs on this page were all taken by local residents in Pickworth.

Barn Owls Barn Owls

Barn Owls were re-introduced into Pickworth in the 1980s, and now nest in the area. This brood of young Barn Owls was born in a local barn

A Hawk & Owl Trust expert ringing a Barn Owl

Doves Grey Squirrel
A nest of Collared Doves

Grey Squirrel (but oh for a red one!)

Honey Bees Thrush

Honey Bees in a local hive

Mistle Thrush

Robin Sparrow Hawk


A Sparrow Hawk with its kill in a Pickworth garden

Goldfinch Finches
Goldfinches in a Pickworth garden  



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